Month: February 2019

Debt Consolidation: Loan despite running credit

It is not uncommon for consumers to need credit despite their credit. Domestic appliances are broken while the car is not paid off yet. A renewed borrowing is possible at any time, provided that the regular income for the payment of the monthly loan installment of all loans is sufficient. Due to the non-or only partial repayment obligation […]

Debt Consolidation: 20000 euro loan for installment of personal loan repayment with repayment in 5 or 10 years

Complete guide to the loan of 20000 euros, with the necessary requirements to be able to have access to the desired credit and to whom must present the request. In addition we will see how it is possible to calculate the installment for the personal loan of 20,000 euros, in particular with reimbursement from 5 […]