Behind them is the Finnish company Ophelia, who has many years of experience as a loan provider. Ophelia’s Danish department was founded back in 2009 and has therefore been a faithful provider in the Danish loan market for many years.

The goal of Anders is to be able to offer you a quick and easy loan, which is both safe and easy to pay back. Therefore, it is possible for you to apply for a loan from them on both their website and via SMS. What you prefer is entirely up to you, but common to them is that it is a quick loan process.

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Same day loans online for bad credit between with us, if you stand and need a small amount urgently. The application process is incredibly short and you can apply more than one place, whichever you prefer. You can both apply per. SMS or via their website. Whichever one of the solutions you choose, it is limited how much information you need to fill. After you submit the application for the same day loan online for bad credit, it does not take long before you receive an answer, and within 45 minutes you can have the borrowed money ready in your account at the Same day you apply. It is incredibly easy and quick to take a loan with Anders, which the name also indicates. It is, therefore, the perfect loan solution for those who do not bother with long waiting times and application processes.

Do you have to borrow?

As with most other loan providers, there are some requirements for you as a borrower. This means that you are not allowed to borrow a loan from Anders unless you meet their requirements. You can read more about the requirements here:

You must be at least 23 years old
You may not be registered in the RKI, Debtor Register or another debtor register 
You must have a permanent residence in Denmark
You must not have an outstanding balance with Anders or other companies under Ophelia
The machine is one of the providers that does not have a long list of requirements and it is, therefore, possible for most to make a loan with them.

The reason why you must not be registered with RKI or the like is that you must be able to be declared creditworthy, and this is not possible if you are registered in RKI. You will be registered in the RKI if you have not been able to repay a loan to a loan provider within the agreed time. Therefore, the only way you can get out of the register is to pay back your debt.

How much can you borrow from Anders?

At Anders, you have the opportunity to borrow up to DKK 6,000, which means that this is a small loan amount. The advantage of this is that the loan is easy to repay even if you do not have a large financial margin. New customers at Anders periodically have the opportunity to borrow up to DKK 3,000 for the first time they borrow. This means that interest of the DKK 3,000 must not be paid.

One of the great advantages of borrowing money from Anders is that you do not have to provide collateral when you borrow, as you would otherwise, when, for example, you borrow money in the physical banks. This means that you can use the money from your loan as it suits you. You should not justify to the Anders or anyone else why you are using the borrowed money as you do. All you have to worry about is to pay the borrowed money back on time.

Payback within 30 days

When you take out loans with Anders, it is important that you inform yourself about maturity. No matter how much you choose to borrow from Anders, you will have to pay back the amount within 30 days. So the loan is an incredibly short term. Therefore, you must also be sure that you have an economy that allows you to repay within that time. It is also because of the short maturity that you cannot borrow more than up to DKK 6,000. It must be possible for most people to be able to repay within a month, even if you do not have a large financial margin.